Friday 4 January 2013

Brandy reveals all about her engagement! Congrats Bran!

 I'm so so  happy to see Brandy in love and engaged and truly happy. During the Christmas holidays was proposed to by her long-term boyfriend Ryan Press. In Vegas for New Year’s celebrations Brandy did a quick interview with PopStopTV for a quick chat..
Her engagement:
I’m very happy. I’m definitely on Cloud 20. At one point I gave up on love, so to have this feeling and for it to be like the first time, with the person that I feel like God has created for me to be with, it feels magical. And I want it to stay like this so every married couple that we have been meeting over our vacation, I’ve been asking them, ‘So what’s the secret?’ They’ve been giving me a lot of great tips. Communication is the key, clearly, so we’ll see what this thing does.

If she knew that Ryan was going to propose
It was a surprise but I felt something was gonna happen. It was definitely a surprise. Your imagination does the actual moment no justice. I said, ‘Oh my God!’ so many times that I forgot to say ‘Yes!’ He was like, ‘Yeah, are you gonna marry me or not?’ It was good.
Her Dream wedding
We have a lot of homies that probably won’t come if we have a destination wedding so I wanna keep it as local as possible. I haven’t set a date yet but I definitely have been imagining it and thinking about what it will be like so I’m gonna get started.

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