Friday, 4 January 2013

Angela & Vanessa Simmons New Pastry Collection

The sassy entrepreneur sisters are back for 2013 with the latest release from their Pastry Shoe Collection. The Simmons are reportedly sitting comfortably on a staggering $50 million dollar empire with Angela Simmons and sister Vanessa well and truly underway with fashion and style at the forefront of their budding business ventures. Take a glimpse at pictures from a recent Pastry line shoot..
Angela is also currently working on a number of new television projects and of course you will be the first to know. Angela recently spoke about her biggest lesson learnt in 2012 and how she manages to balance her busy career.'The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 2012 is about relationships and learning to maintain a nice balance between business and pleasure. Also, working with friends can get difficult, but when you find the perfect balance is when you find perfect harmony.'
Pink Diamond