Friday 14 December 2012

Model Sessilee Lopez channels Aaliyah

One word - dope
 The gorgeous Claire Sulmer's of my favourite fashion blog site FashionBombDaily caught up with the stunning Sessilee to talk about her Aaliyah themed shoot and the movie she's currently working on. Check out my favourite questions below..
So, you did that Aaliyah shoot. Can you please tell me about that, because she’s such a legend.
I was surprised that I got booked for it! But I love her, and a lot of people misconstrued the whole story. They thought that I was trying to be her, and a lot of people loved to hate it, and it kinda hurt! But it was more based off her style. I wasn’t tryna be Aaliyah, but it felt good! We were watching her videos, listening to her music, dancing, it was really fun, and I want to do some more!
 What’s your brown girl beauty secret?
I love avocado, honey, and apricot mixed. But if you put some sugar in it… yeah, I do sugar because I have dry skin. It works as an exfoliant. It’s really good, because it leaves your skin super soft, and it gets rid of some stuff. And it’s cheap! You know the price of avocado? It’s like a strong 25 cents.
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