Tuesday 18 December 2012

Marlo Hampton Denim Magazine Photoshoot

I've never blogged or heard of Marlo Hampton of  Real Housewives of Atlanta but I stumbled across her stunning shoot which is so Barbie-like and perfect for Barbie World, I had to post.. I'm gonna check out the show also- I've heard so much about it but never watched it fully. Marlo was photographed by Will Sterling for Denim Magazine Holiday 2012.
Check out the interview:
What designers can you not live without?I think this may be sort of obvious, and a little birdie might have let you know… all things CHANEL. I am very partial to their clothes because CoCo Chanel was an Orphan. I can relate to that. She didn’t have parents to raise her, but look at what she’s overcome. Her story reminds me of mine. She had humble beginnings but Chanel is the Queen of Fashion, all of their pieces are classy and timeless!
How many handbags do you have?Now that is a tough question. I haven’t counted, but I do know too many for sure … actually, I take that back; a girl can never have too many bags!

What is the most you have ever spent on a bag or was gifted?I am always working on my etiquette, lol and a lady never tells prices unless you want to buy one yourself. However, my crocodile Hermes Birkin is my most expensive handbag!

What fashion accessories does a women need to be fabulous?The one accessory that EVERY women needs to be Fabulous is CONFIDENCE. it’s the one accessory that’s Priceless. Money can’t buy it and as long as you wear that; nothing else matters!

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