Monday, 10 December 2012

Dawn Richard covers Rolling Out Magazine

I loved Danity Kane, I was devastated when they split. Dawn Richard has been doing her thing for a while now, and I respect her so much for pushing her music and working super hard as a solo artist. Her new album WhiteOut will be dropping very soon - and prior to that she caught up with Rolling Out to talk about her career following Danity Kane, and Dirty Money success.
Going From Having Everything to Having to Work Extra Hard as a Solo Artist
It was a rude awakening. It’s like going to college, and then having everything hand fed to you, only to get out into the real world to apply for a job, only to realize that 30 other people have a lot more experience than you. Even though you have all of these great degrees, you still have to go out and prove yourself. This is the same thing to me. I’m up for the challenge … I’ve always been one to smile in the face of danger, so this is just another obstacle that I have to cross.
Why She Decided to Go Solo
Well, Puff was done. He didn’t want to do it anymore, and I couldn’t sit back and wait around to see what was going to happen next. So instead of waiting, I asked could I be released from my contract, and he was gracious enough to let that happen. I gave him six years of my life, and now I’m just excited about this next phase. Like I said before, every moment up until this point was just getting me ready to step out on my own.