Tuesday 27 November 2012

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith Sexy More! Shoot

Well hello there! Check out Olympic medal winner Louis Smith in a recent More! Magazine shoot. The hot photograph shows exactly fans can expect from Louis Smith's forthcoming sexy 2013 calendar. The fantastic dancer is a popular favourite on Strictly Come Dancing with the Stars at present. Any more shows in the pipeline?

Louis responded: 'I would like to have a crew following me around, when I'm not in an environment where I have to be responsible, when I'm just me. I think the public would enjoy seeing what I get up to.' Smith's newfound heartthrob status has actually taken him by surprise. 'I don't really feel like a sex symbol. I try not to get carried away. 'I've come from very little, so you just appreciate what you've got. I don't want to flaunt it, it could be gone at any moment.'

This issue of More! Magazine is out now

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