Wednesday 29 August 2012

Make Up Routine & Best YouTube Make Up Tutorials

So I'm browsing YouTube as you do, when 10 minutes turns into an hour! I spent most of my morning experimenting with makeup. I wanted a new technique for creating amazing eyebrows. It can transform an entire face. I'm stumbled across a gem who is MsDanti and found that we have alot of similarities in preference and skin tone shade, so happy also that she uses mainly MAC. MsD gives a guide underneath each of her tutorials for the products she used.
Check that out - I think she's amazing.

Here's what I use for my daily make up routine. I go for that flawless finish which takes on average 15-20 minutes each morning. Even before school run.. Whaat!

Face: Overall daily coverage MAC Mineralized Skinfinish natural loose powder in dark deep. Only apply lightly in the morning no touch ups thoroughout the day.

Eyebrows: MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC50 for definition & sharpness underneath and above eyebrows. Rimmel Black Professional Eyebrow Pencil to intensify my eyebrows.

Eyes: Rimmel Extra Black x10 Volume Flash Mascara. NYX Eye Pencils depending on color of outfits. Main colors I use are 601 Black Bean, 603 Pots & Pans, 627 Colbalt, 617 Iced Mocha. All of which have a glittery finish ideal for the tear duct area and where eyeliner appears. 

Lips: Straight plain ol Vaseline baby! I go to the gym everyday so uhh.. I'm not finna smudge my rouge and do that lipstick on collar sh*t! Lool

*My Top 3 Daily Essentials*
Would you believe I use [1] Palmers Cocoa Butter to moisturise, that's a necessity for me before I apply make up, after a shower etc. [2] A set of professional MAC brushes. I have the classic black what looks like a zipped clutch of 8 MAC brushes. The essential ones include the large powder brush, small fine angled brow brush, and duo fibre blending brush. I use those three daily. [3] Dove Body Cream. The best body lotion ever. Live for it.
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