Wednesday 4 July 2012

Barbiedoll figure

So I've created a new series of posts titled 'Barbiedoll figure' where I will be posting pictures of amazing figures to inspire you to keep in shape, be bikini-ready for summer, and encourage you to maintain a healthy toned physique all year round. Those of you who are regular visitors to Barbie World will be familiar with post titles, i.e - Barbie World loves, Love this outfit, Magazine covers and so forth.. 

Barbie World fans I do it all for you and I love you. Your continuous support has been amazing, and you've helped me reach over 500,000 page views in my first year. Subscribers much love also for requesting Barbie World str8 to your email inboxes. I'm so grateful,you motivate me to keep the site running.

*Mwahh xxx

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