Thursday 26 April 2012

Ma$e: Comeback? Please be true..

So Ma$e featured on rapper Wale’s recent single Slight Work (Remix), and dropped into the Funkmaster Flex’s show on radio station Hot 97 recently.. The Harlem rapper discussed his relationships with 50 Cent and Diddy, the respect he has for Jay-Z, and other goodies.. Most importantly a rumor circulating that he’s joining Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group? Omg.. please yes! He's cute, I remember crushin on him and who can forget that brightly coloured fun loving Mo' Money More Problems video with Diddy, and the '97 hit album Harlem World.. Yessir! Yes please ;)

On his relationship with 50 Cent: I know we probably ended on good terms. We shouldn’t have no issues. He doin’ what he doin’. I respect what he doin.

On how he got on Wale’s Slight Work (Remix): Wow. I think it was French [Montana]. A lot of love gotta go out to French. I don’t know why he was reppin’ me so strong, but he showed me Harlem love and he ain’t even from Harlem. It’s crazy. I was on a ‘New York Minute’ record with him and [Jadakiss] and then after that it was like we was in the studio. We’re totally opposite, but he just showed me wild love. I rock wit’ who rock wit’ me. He called Wale one time and Wale was like, ‘Yo, come to the studio,’ and I was in Atlanta and then I just came through and they was just blowin’ so hard in the studio, smokin’, all loud I couldn’t even get my verse out. They kept laughin’ at me, so I came back. The next day I was like, ‘I’m ready now,’ [and] he was like, ‘You ready?’ So they threw me in the booth and then Diddy got on it, everybody else got on it. And that’s pretty much how it went.
On his relationship with Diddy: To this day, I always tell people I don’t really have no issues with him. A lot of times we just get put on the other side of each other because of history. He’s one of the biggest contributors that ever gave to the church. We’re probably cooler than I thought.

On Jay-Z: The last time I saw Hov was when we was at MSG and him and R. Kelly got into it and I came and did the show for him and he was like, ‘Yo, for this one I gotta be a fan,’ and he was sittin’ in the front row. I thought that was real gentleman-like. I have nothing but the utmost respect for what he did and what he do.

On rumors of signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group: “I was just in the back of a picture. I really went to Miami and I was goin’ there to kick it with Rico [Love]. Rico is like a long-term friend of mine, we was just cool back when he was an artist and he just got on fire. He just called me down there to kick it with him. It wasn’t on no music stuff, we was just chillin’, just catchin’ up, and he just called me and asked me to take a ride with him. I ain’t know who was gon’ be in the studio and all of that. So I got there and everybody was there and they just said take a flick. The next thing I know I got a Maybach chain, I got 20 beats from Kanye, the stories just keep gettin’ crazier. That dude, Rick Ross, lyrically he’s amazing. I was listening to some of the records. When somebody hot, they hot.”

Watch this space..

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