Tuesday 10 January 2012

Vanessa Simmons launches lingerie collection

Gorgeous daughter of rap legend Rev Run 28 year old Vanessa Simmons has  introduced her new lingerie collection titled Rose by Vanessa Jean. She is also the co-founder and creator of the madly successful Pastry brand with her younger sis Angela.

She commented, 'I am determined to provide women with comfortable, stylish and sexy lingerie no matter what shape or size they are because truthfully, my line is about women and the beauty of being a woman that transcends perceived expectations and stereotypes,” Vanessa wrote on Global Grind, which just so happens to be her uncle Russell’s website. “It is my belief that with all we deal with as women, it is important that an item as intimate as lingerie reflects who we are as individuals.'


The 3 different ranges:

Naughty Lil' Princess - For the chick who is a timeless classic. This collection will include all of your staple lingerie needs for any special night including Bridal Couture. Diamond embellishments make the garment unique and timeless. The Naughty Lil Princess collection from ROSE will truly prove that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

Rock Your Sexy - For the totally outgoing chick who isn’t afraid to express her sexuality under her clothes or NOT. This collection will include Sexy Corsets that lift up and suck everything in; including unmentionables making you feel like a total ROCKSTAR!

Vintage Chic - Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren… Imagine what it would feel like to exist in this magical period (old Hollywood) and with the Vintage Chic collection offers just that! Vintage Chic – long luxurious silk robes to sexy undeniable curve hugging slips all with a vintage feel and design. Welcoming to 1963 glamour!


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