Thursday 15 February 2024

Slimmazsims x Black Artwork Sims 4 Mod

I am so proud of Slimmazsims. She has created some great aesthetics for Sims paintings, with over 300 black artwork pieces. This excellent mod overrides, all of the following art categories; Classic, Pop Art, Surreal, Abstract, Realism, Impressionism, Emotional, Landscape and Figure. 

Players are then able to do all of the following, listed below. Slimmazsims thank you, I love you for this mod, it is fantastic. As you may see if you follow me on socials my Sim Roman, a landscape, painter, and all round handman, and carpenter, painted legendary artists Nipsey Hussle and SZA. One word. Amazing.

Frame Your Paintings
Name Your Paintings
Sell To Collector
List On Plopsy or Etsy
Place Paintings On Walls
Place Paintings In Your Sims Inventory
Use keys "[ and ]" to resize paintings

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