Wednesday 14 June 2023

Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds

Chapter 4 Season 4 is well under way who is enjoying the new areas on the map? The centre of the island now features a jungle to explore with new Slurp plants which give you a huge much needed boost of shield, and hatching raptors to ride when escaping. Hop Flowers are great for projecting into the air to avoid the storm in conjunction with mantling and running fast.. Tempted to get the Battle Pass if you haven't already? I am.. Still might get the Pass later on this summer. 
In terms of weaponary I am really impressed with the power of the new Flapjack rifle and the Drum Shotgun, but I am yet to test out the Cybertron Cannon, seems powerful, and turns opponents into spectators which could be an ultimate deal breaker when playing squads, trios or duos! Reminds me a little of GTA - get cannoned lool! I do miss my Cobra DMR, which I believe was replaced with a thermal DMR option.
This Season, my favourite skins are..
In love! Such awesome skins. There are more amazing skins, including Mariposa, Lorenzo, Relik, and Purradise Meowscles. Check out the link below for all the info you need on the new exciting Chapter 4 Season 3: Wilds. Have fun and happy gaming!

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