Monday 11 July 2022

The Sims 4 High School Years coming soon!


Just over a fortnight until the new expansion pack is out for The Sims 4 whose excited?!. If your able to do so, pre order or purchase The Sims High School Years before September 8th to receive some brilliant accessories for your teen Sim including exclusive - Vibing Streaming Gear digital content, a Groove Tube wireless speaker, Spine Reticulating Gaming Chair, and Tri Hard LED panels for your bedroom walls - all for the perfect gaming set up, chill area. which I am really excited about. I really like the idea of being able to graduate this is perfect, and will be definitely having parties for my teen sims I have quite a lot. more Sims content will be coming during the summer, until then enjoy Simmers! Love you all.  

Pre-order The Sims High School Years here

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