Sunday 22 May 2022

My PhD Journey begins!

God is good. I am truly forever grateful also to my amazing parents for their support and encouragement. After a number of years searching for a university place it is with great honour that I have been accepted to study at the University of Gloucestershire's Computing & Engineering Department towards a Doctorate PhD Degree in Game Technologies. Bringing together my academic background in Investigative Journalism during my Masters in International Journalism, Positive Psychology professional development course and decades long passion for Gaming, I will have a valuable opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to Gaming research and make a difference to the lives of others through wisdom and knowledge, which has been my ultimate lifelong goal, purpose and dream in my life. I am forever thankful, to God first and foremost, and also to the academic lead for the PhD Gaming Technologies program at Gloucestershire University who believed in my vision - Dr Zhang, for giving me the chance. Although there will be the occasional hiatus here on during busier periods in the academic year, please look out for information regarding upcoming events I may attend, seminars, panel discussions and mentoring workshops. I thank all those who have continued to support me, new, recent, and long running day one followers, if I can pass the baton and help others towards their goals in any way please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you God and all praise be to TMH.

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