Monday 28 June 2021

Fortnite Cosmic Summer


Summer is officially here in Fortnite's Season 2 Chapter 7! Look out for a multitude of goodies until July 5th. How are you all getting on with the new Battle Pass? I do like it, but find myself dodging spaceships so much, flown by other players which they stick to in duos, and squad modes to win! As Summer is in full swing, players can complete quests to unlock rewards such as the popsicle Brain Freeze Back Bling, in a variety of yummy flavours, as well as a surfboard Cloud Llama Board Gliders in different designs. I'm loving the new outfits, a Midsummer Midas, Scuba Crystal, Beach Jules and Boardwalk Ruby! Have a great Summer and remember to have fun, fun, fun! Check out more in the link below.

Epic Games

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