Sunday 17 January 2021

Six Tips For Growing Your Following As A Gamer

 As a gamer, one of the most rewarding things in the world is that a really successful career can emerge from just a hobby. As technology advances, gaming has benefited massively, and we’ve seen some of the biggest improvements in the last decade when it comes to gaming consoles and the games that are available to play. Most recently, gaming online has become a sport, and that has paved the way for many to make a great career in gaming.

Here are six tips for growing your following as a gamer.


It Takes Time - Growing as an influencer is becoming increasingly harder. The reason for this is that the influencer market in most niches is heavily saturated. Platform such as Tiktok are showcasing new talent and influencers daily. As a gamer, it’s important to remember that growing a community takes time. The key is to appear on the right platforms, and for many, live streams are the most effective in building your profile as a gamer. Be consistent, don't give up and work steadily towards creating a profile your happy with.

Put In Effort - Working hard to establish yourself as a gamer online, could mean committing yourself to a gaming schedule where you’re live streaming weekly and gaming consistently - recording epic skills, wins, and trophies. Also focus on building your social media profiles and interacting with your fans. For many gamers who’ve made gaming a full-time career, they have worked tremendously hard to build themselves a following that has allowed them to get to where they are today. Trust the process.

Reach Out For Opportunities From The Beginning - When you’re a gamer, and you start getting opportunities, it can be overwhelming, but remember that your chosen for a reason, your outreach with your following, the way you interact, and the way you game and entertain. Reaching out for collaborations is definitely worth doing as a gamer right from the very beginning. Regardless of whether you’ve got 500 followers or subscribers, 1,000 or 10,000, there’s always going to be someone who is likely going to benefit from working with you. Why? Well because you’re always going to be further ahead than someone else, just like you’ve got people who are further ahead than you. 

Opportunities can present themselves in different ways, from different sources, and on different platforms. Even if you initially get rejected, or they’re not interested at first, at least now they know who you are and that you exist in the industry. They might want to work with you later on. I have experienced both - ignored and rejected, mainly for two reasons, I don't live stream of Twitch as much as I would like, or have a regular live stream schedule, and also I am yet to start a gaming YouTube channel, I definitely will in the near future.

Be Yourself - Being unique can lead to having some of the best fan accounts made about you. When you reach that level of loyalty with fans, you’ll certainly notice a huge growth in your following. People can tell if you are genuine and authentic about your love for gaming, so try to be yourself at all times. Don't try to copy another leading gamer, keep your style, and ideas uniquely your own. Keep it natural and keep it related to who you are as a person, others in the same field can inspire.

Showcase Your Gamer Profile Across Multiple Platforms - As a gamer you need to try and create yourself a brand. This is important because when it comes to creating social media platforms to promote your channel, it’s good to have consistency. That way, people are going to recognize you sooner. Think about which platforms are going to work for you. You can also use link showcase sites like Linktree to showcase all your profiles on one page. Branding is important, and it’s always good to invest in your branding, especially if this is something that is becoming a full-time business venture. Merch is always great too, with your branded logo, apparel such as t-shirts, and baseball caps, and the proceeds in sales can be given to gaming events, e-sports competitions, that can offer internships and programs for younger followers.

Interact Daily With Your Followers - Your followers are critical to your influence as a gamer and so it’s important to interact with your followers, as much as you can. By interacting with your followers, you’re going to build a relationship with them, and that’s important to do from day one. Loyal followers, new followers, and followers who have been there from the beginning, should be rewarded with giveaways, gifts, and freebies, this is something I think is the most important above all, because their support means everything.

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