Saturday 19 December 2020

Four Ways To Stay Healthy While Gaming

For streamers, keeping yourself healthy whilst gaming is important. It can be very draining spending alot of time on your PC or not taking enough breaks to look after yourself physically. One of the best gaming chairs designed for comfort for long periods and who I am affiliated with is Secretlab. I will shortly be doing an unboxing and review post before the new year. Also, here are four ways to stay healthy while gaming.

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Take Regular Breaks - Regular breaks are necessary to keep yourself healthy, and if you’re gaming for hours at a time. It’s very important to get up from your chair and stretch. You should also try to have a five or ten-minute break every hour or so and to step outside to get fresh air too, which will help to keep you alert. If you find yourself getting lost with time, then you might want to set an alarm on your phone so that you remember to take a break as and when needed.

Keep Hydrated - With gaming, there are specific games that are high-intensity and so will likely make you sweat a little, through adrenaline! Such as GTA V lol. Have a bottle of water close by to stay hydrated. By doing so, you’re helping to keep your body functioning, and keep your system flushed from bacteria or toxins and this will avoid any severe headaches. A lack of water can make you feel dehydrated and can lead to those constant headaches that disrupt your enjoyment and gaming experience.

Go Mobile - Mobile gaming phone is common for people who commute to work on public transport. Pokemon Go created a great idea in that you had to travel outside your home in order to catch Pokemon and play. Whether you want to play slot games no deposit or a nostalgic trip on Pokemon, try to explore more mobile gaming.

Limit Your Gaming Time - Gaming time is something that flies by when you’re having fun but it’s important to remember to take breaks. Even professional gamers need to have a occassional break from gaming. You can monitor your overall game time by scheduling it in your routine. Staying healthy while gaming and most importantly, make sure you’re having fun. That’s the best part!

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