Friday 4 September 2020

The Sims 4 Star Wars Update

Just a quick post guys to talk about the next upcoming update for The Sims 4, my favourite game of all time. What do you think? Excited? Planning on purchasing? Or maybe treating yourself to another expansion pack. Don't forget EA do frequent discounts for 50-70% off periodically on their existing expansion packs. I recently completed a Playtest session for EA, so I'm really grateful to receive the University pack as a reward, and I'll be sending all my teens Sims off to college, I'm really excited to explore this pack. Fans have been expressing their concerns on social media recently in regards to the next Sims Star Wars update The Journey to Batuu, requesting different ideas from more skin tones, clothes, family items and so forth.

The Sims have addressed fans concerns in a letter which I found to be really dignified and comforting, I still have the utmost respect for EA and I love Sims 4, the expansion pack to follow will be fire! For future updates it would be really good to take a poll survey with maybe 3 new update expansion pack ideas, and the winning vote gets officially released, something along these lines. The update seems really innovative and exciting, but I have alot to contend with in the way of expansion packs that I haven't bought yet, so I'm going to be busy working my way through these for now. In the meantime go easy guys on IG and Twitter the comments regarding the update, the development team work flat out. I like the concept.

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