Wednesday 26 August 2020

EA Playtesting

Really excited news to share today, I am now part of the EA Playtesting team! My first session is next week and basically I have the opportunity to test and review a new game and take part in a Zoom group feedback and discussion time after testing. I have been a huge fan of EA Games for, I would say over a decade now. EA produce some amazing titles including The Sims, Need For Speed, which I love and also Battlefield, NBA Live, FIFA, and many others. I'm honoured to be chosen and really excited to work with anything associated with EA - they are amazing, and hugely inspiring. To be part of The Sims 4 team would be a dream. The Sims 4 is my life. If you're as passionate about gaming as I am which I'm sure you are because your here! Check out the link below on how to become a Playtester.

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