Wednesday 8 July 2020

Gamers & Fashion: A Cold War?'

The gaming industry has never been as big as it is today, with over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide in 2019. Chances are that the pandemic has recorded a sharp increase since last year. It is also fair to say that today over a third of the population plays video games. Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies and activities. Gamers commonly face that typical clichéd look when it comes to their appearance.

People often associate those who enjoy gaming with certain fashion categories. Some female gamers are hesitant to reveal their gender online and can often play under a neutral  character or male avatar at times to avoid attention and an abundance of advances from the majority of male gamers. There used to also be an automatic perception of men who play video games as being overweight and lethargic. Somewhat negative perceptions to say the least but so stereotypical, and old school. Times have changed.

Here is a little rundown of gamers fashion and accessories

According to a study, playing video games can make gamers vulnerable to shortsightedness. Although all players are not severely affected, scientists are adamant that the introduction of high definition screens have increased myopia, which is a common vision condition. Someone with no history of shortsightedness who works or plays on a screen are more likely to wear glasses than someone whose screen-based interaction is limited during the day. The geeky girl gamer image is a sophisticated sassy look, which also plays on the importance of intelligence, in a geeky cute way. Some players will opt for a stylish frame that makes them feel like a I-am-serious-about-gaming pro player! Great designer frames for this look can be found at When it comes to practical eyesight corrections: The higher the correction, the more the lenses will distort the eyes shape and size. People who are heavily shortsighted will avoid this style of oversized cute computer girl glasses.

Oversized T-Shirts
Who first said that gamers wear XXL tees? It's hard to remember who initiated the idea but it stuck around for a while, the baggy tee. The truth is that enthusiastic and professional gamers tend to stay away from oversized outfits that could come in the way of gaming. Designers who work closely with the e-sport industry are developing practical, functional, comfortable, and fashionable items for professional players. There is no right or wrong when it comes to gamer's fashion styles. A majority prefers trendy streetwear, which is a common choice for young and active adults, and which I prefer too, but to put it bluntly: We wear whatever we like and feel comfortable in!

Geeky Girl Image
The geek girl cliche is almost everywhere in the gaming world. A female gamer can't sometimes reveal her gender without facing expectations and criticisms of other players. 'Can we Facetime?' 'Can we video chat?' 'Can you send a picture?' 'Do you have IG?' From experience male gamers tend to love to see female gamers profiles, to better judge for themselves and engage more. Here's the truth: You don't put on your sexiest outfit for the PlayStation community! The social media image of the typical geeky girl is pretty common, and the norm nowadays. Long hair, glasses, slogan t-shirts and sometimes tattoos! It is also important to remember that social media is a race for social approval and acceptance. You dress to please, because the more 'likes' you receive, the better you feel, and the more confidence it gives you. The typical Geek girl has changed over the years to a more common attractive appeal of the fact that girls do play video games too and can be tech savvy while looking gorgeous!

Men also fall into the category of the typical cliché stereotype. Not all male gamers are typically overweight. A study did contrastingly reveal that gaming doesn't encourage weight gain, so when you think of gamers or if you play with someone your yet to see a picture of, the moral is, to never assume.

Cute Soft Toys
People often imagine the typical gamer's bedroom to be a cave filled, dark space with lots of toys from their favourite games' characters. Everyone has different tastes. I prefer a more clean white minimal high tech gaming set up. A gamer will prioritize their equipment. Outside of a quality monitor, and saving for the next-gen console - PS5 we're looking at you! - Interior decor becomes a personal choice. Some gamers do have a giant Pokemon Pikachu on a creatively displayed shelf, but others prefer a reproduction of Van Gogh's starry night!

There is so much more to the gaming industry than what a gamer might look like or wear, It's about the fun, the focus, the speed and reflexes, and the importance of our mental skills remaining sharp and astute, and the way gaming brings people together and creates friendships. 

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