Sunday 5 April 2020

IGTV Gaming Series Kemi Online

Just a quick post to let you know I've started a gameplay series on IGTV, just to see what my followers will think. I will be posting weekly and fortnightly to showcase some of the best clips from the games I play. I've started with GTA V as many of you know that's my favourite game of all time literally lol!  I've enrolled on an online YouTube course to learn everything there is to know about launching a successful YouTube channel. I would love to know about the best software out there for editing videos as well as camera equipment so I can steadily launch my channel and become a gaming content creator. My web design CSS and HTML skills were all self taught, and I designed my blog so editing is a huge creative passion of mine. I love doing it.

I would like to build my social media presence more when I launch my channel and try to also stream on Twitch when I can depending on how busy my schedule gets with school. I have a Twitch channel already and tried my first live Grand Theft Auto stream which achieved over 6k live views, that was kool and encouraging.  My blog will continue as I approach 5 million views but I will not write posts as much I will just link my newly posted YouTube videos, I will also do vlogs for major gaming events here, in the UK, Europe, and USA too. Feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram to say hi! The people who support me, I promise to give you more of what your asking for.

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