Thursday 23 April 2020

GTA Online - Gerald's Last Play Missions

GTA fans, there is a brand new set of Contact missions available now on GTA Online. You can play solo or with a team of 3 friends to battle rival gangs in Los Santos. Also from today for a week you can get double 2x GTA Dollars and RP in these missions as well as others from the disreputable collection of associates in your iFruit contacts list. Keep an eye out from a text on your iFruit from Gerald to explore 6 new missions today. Have fun, and feel free to add me if you need help. My PSN gamertag is - xllPassionllx. 

1. Make Ends Meat.
2. Go Figure.
3. Fast Peddling.
4. Deal With It.
5. Bad Companies.
6. End Product.


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