Saturday 28 March 2020

Stella Maxwell in Street Style Outfit - Adidas and Tie-Dye

How's everyone doing? Apologises for the delay in posts, I'm back, just briefly taking some time out to adjust my daily and weekly routines during the current quarantine, work from home status of the world. It's really important guys to not immerse yourself in listening to too much daily news which can be cause an abundance of different emotions and concerning feelings, but instead use this time to be as creative and productive as possible, giving thanks for the basic things, enjoy music, company with those closest to you in your home, learn something new and appreciate the outdoors and nature. Although gyms are closed, I am walking 5-6 miles a day 4 times a week, and stretching planking and doing sit ups at home. I have also not worn make up for almost 2 weeks now, focusing on what's really important. 

Just a quick post for gorgeous Stella Maxwell who has some of the flattest abs I've seen! She was recently spotted out in the park wearing a tie-dye sky blue pair of baggy joggers, with a black crop top and hoodie with black adidas sneakers. This whole outfit is unique and so swaggy. Props to Stella for this one!

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