Wednesday 18 March 2020


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone in some way from family, friends, to businesses, and even financial strain for some. Our thoughts, love and support is with those who have been affected by the virus, especially those who are currently unwell, and we wish them a full speedy recovery. We also extend our thanks to members of the medical healthcare services who are doing their best in caring for patients all around the world. This is genuinely a pandemic of a lifetime, with none of us every experiencing such a wide spread health concern. Everyone please take care. 

For me for those who have asked, I'm home gaming in the evenings, while work is on temporary pause. I am literally in the gym daily strengthening my immune system which is thankfully really very strong I haven't been ill with even a mild cold, for over a year, and last visited the hospital when I gave birth to my daughter in 2004. It is important to sleep well, exercise, if you don't or can't go to the gym, a nice walk as spring is now here, drink plenty of water and eat well, protein, vitamins, minerals, and all that's needed for a good balanced diet. Aswell as very good hygiene, something that's so important to me. Wash your hands more than usual, please look after one another and stay safe. 

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