Monday 21 October 2019

EGX 2019 London Excel Centre

This past weekend I took my boyfriend along with me to EGX at the London Excel centre on a complimentary free 4 day press pass, as a gaming influencer. Great news for gamers with the PlayStation 5 release scheduled for the holiday season of 2020, and an array of new exciting games to be released including Cyberpunk 2077 which we were lucky enough to exclusively watch the demo for. 
EGX event organisers never seize to cater to every gamers needs - from retro old school game consoles like the Nintendo 64 to the latest VR experiences. A great event, with amazing informative people. If your into gaming or your perhaps studying game developing or creatives, I would definitely recommend going to EGX next year if you haven't been before. 
It's an absolute must. All pictures in this post were taken by me and my boyfriend. EGX was amazing this year, I attended EGX Rezzed in April and EGX this past weekend. Next stop, E3 in LA 2020 ;) Feel free to check out my Instagram for more pictures from the event

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