Friday 10 May 2019

GTA V Online - Free Executive Offices

A variety of bonuses to earn this week around the city of Los Santos in GTA Online. Simeon Yetarian is back with two new jobs paying double rewards as well as gun running sales and special vehicle races. For the next 5 days until May 15th, unlock the Warstock Cap and collect the Maze Bank West Executive Offices completely free.
There is an acquire a fire truck mission which looks fun, to extinguish the fires and arsonists as well as a LSIA mission to intercept a vehicle shipment at the airport getting the vehicles back to a safe location and escape the cops, from an international businessman who is selling luxury cars to a foreign buyer. 
For the free executive office all you need to do is pull up your iFruit open the Dynasty8 Executive website and choose your headquarters office, and customise it the way you like. Up to May 15th you can get the Warstock military cap just for logging on. Always a freebie when you simply come online.
Time for Premium Races, my favourite for the stunning GTA scenery - look at those gorgeous shots above! Join via Quick Job on your iFruit phone or the yellow corona at Legion Square. $40k for first place against 7 races, which awards an additional $100k, 2nd and 3rd place $30k and $20k each.
May 9: Muscle In (locked to Muscle)
May 10-13: Art to Art (locked to Motocycles - which I am best at in races lol!)
May 14-15: Cutting Coroners (locked to Super) 

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