Thursday 4 April 2019

GTA V Online - Motor Wars

A new month, another week, more rewards from Rockstar for GTA V gamers online. I must admit the past few weeks I've been learning Call of Duty Black Ops, I have to play GTA this weekend, it's definitely long overdue. So many goodies this week, Motor Wars will triple your money in GTA dollars and RP's, and double your cash for Vehicle Vendetta car battles. Fancy gunrunning with friends? 

Look out for a 25% boost in your research and double dollars on sales, a great time to make a lot of profit. In the way of accessories we have a new cap with the Black Coil in headwear, just for simply entering online. Premium race circuits this week, via the Quick Job App on your iFruit phone will give you a grand prize of $100k if you come 1st in the race, $30k for coming 2nd or 3rd, and $20k thereafter. Look out for the yellow corona in Legion Square to start this mission too. GTA I love you.
Across The Wilderness (I love off road so much)
Arms Race (Super cars, super speed)

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