Thursday 11 April 2019

GTA V Online - Lowrider week

This week on GTA Online is Lamar Davis' Lowrider week. I love the old school gangster ride vibe, rocking through Grove street territory on hydraulics. Benny's Original Motor Works  are giving car loves discounts and bonuses on all the lowriders for the next 7 days. Also look out for the Fake Vapid t-shirt, again, just for going online. 
This week's Premium Race is the Bolingbroke and a quick tour around the Southern San Andreas highway system. Don't forget you can still get a $100k payday by entering the yellow corona over at Legion Square or via the Quick Job App on your iFruit phone. I'm definitely on GTA this weekend! 
April 11: Arms Race (Super)
April 12-15: The Commute (Sports)
April 16-17: Criminal Records (Super)

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