Wednesday 16 January 2019

Update My View on SurvivingRKelly

It's really sad to see so many celebrities removing their collaborations with R Kelly from streaming sources and regret ever working with him. I just feel like music is completely separate to his private life and he deserves every accolade of respect when it comes to the contribution he has made to the history of R&B music. Some videos have transpired which reveal exactly what I said in my previous post. It's so contradictory to see ex wife Drea Kelly attending and supporting all of R Kelly's concerts with various footage clips seen on YouTube year after year, and now she is addressing haters to not disrespect the father of her children, and saying how amazing he is as a writer, producer and artist? I question her motive, yes exactly he's a genius musically, but I noticed that her personality is so very different in personal videos such as Snapchat and Instagram, to news or TV appearances since this SurvivingRKelly BS emerged. So questionable.

I have also linked below a video of Jocelyn Savage's father prompting apparent 'victim,' Asante McGee what to say in a live interview. It has also been revealed by daughter of Asante and boyfriend in a phone conversation, just like I thought, that she was living the life, was given money, gifts, handbags, and shoes, while being given the freedom to do as she wanted, as any girlfriend would. Trapped in the house? Controlled? No, she was free to leave whenever she wanted. Watch the videos below, which, although I do not agree with the YouTubers viewpoint on R Kelly, I knew this is exactly what was going on. As opposed to creating SurvivingLies, a website that R Kelly's people intended to create to expose the girls true motives, I still say R should do an interview. This has all gone to far. We forget how far people are actually willing to go for attention and money. Lifetime is trash. The same TV channel which televised the Aaliyah biopic much to the disapproval of Aaliyah's parents. The story, portrayal, everything was off. I'm done. SurvivingRKelly.

Asante McGee exposed - Why not to support SurvivingRKelly - Drea defends R Kelly

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