Thursday 5 October 2017

Missguided Blogger of the Month

Blogger of the Month 
We invite you to participate in our on-going blogger of the month challenge. Each participant has the chance to earn $2 per assist, and one winner will be chosen each month to receive a $500 gift card to Missguided.
How to Participate
Express your interest my replying to this invite create a minimum of one content submission per month, featuring Missguided. Send a screenshot and the submission link to
 Rules & Regulations
One winner will be chosen each month by the Missguided team, ultimately at their discretion Missguided is looking for attractive and authentic content, encompassing the Missguided brand and their core values. Each participant needs to create a minimum of one submission to be eligible. The winning blogger will receive a $500 gift card, redeemable online at Missguided, and each participant will also earn $2 per assist during each campaign period. Missguided aims to work closely with the winning blogger (s) as the next generation of Missguided brand ambassadors! 

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