Thursday 14 September 2017

Ariana Grande Reebok Partnership

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has officially signed a year long partnership with leading sports brand Reebok. Announcing the news with her 113 million Instagram followers, wearing an oversized white sweatshirt, white leather Reebok sneakers, and rocking her trademark high ponytail Ariana said, 'Confidence, self belief and self expression. I am proud to partner with Reebok who have the same ideals and beliefs as me & that I hope to instil in my babes.
 'Like Reebok, I fiercely stand for those who express themselves, celebrate their individuality and push boundaries, I’m an advocate for people accepting themselves for who they are. Reebok’s message of enabling and encouraging self-belief and self-betterment is something I fundamentally live by. I’m honoured to partner with a brand whose mission is to inspire people to be the best possible version of themselves.'
Reebok in turn issued a statement,  'Grande embraces her unapologetic and fearless persona, both in front of fans and behind the camera.'

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