Friday 24 March 2017

New Album 'Tremaine' Trey Songz

Tremaine The Album
Mr Steal Yo Girl is back and Trigga definitely ain't playing with this new body of work. I'm in love with 'Nobody Else But You.' I literally played this track on repeat, I love it, and 'Playboy' too. Trey Songz introduces fans to Tremaine with the release of his seventh studio album. Following the reality dating show, Tremaine The Playboy, a bachelor style web series, turned into a music video, Trey Songz has released his 15 track album. The idea behind the web series, Songz explained more on his latest interview with The Breakfast Club. 'It was a way to connect with fans in a different way. The way people consume music, the way people love reality TV, the way people love drama, just the illusion that it could be something I was doing was a great way for me introduce music.'

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