Friday 14 October 2016

New Album Mad Love JoJo

 Mad Love.
 JoJo’s long awaited third album Mad Love. is here, and I'm literally gonna submerge myself in this album all weekend and into next week until I know all the words to my favourite songs. Think of Mad Love as the follow to JoJo's 2006 The High Road. There are 11 tracks with collaborations from Wiz Khalifa, the Alessia Cara and Remy Ma. JoJo caught up with RapUp to talk about her first release in her first album in 10 years. 'I feel anxious. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m thankful. Now that I’m back, I’m just never gonna stop. You can’t get rid of me. There’s just nothing that’s gonna deter me from doing this the rest of my life. I’m really excited to get this album out, tour, and keep putting out content. I just want to keep growing.' Over the weekend I'll update this post with my favourites and review of the album. Can't wait.. 
1. Music
2. I Can Only. (Ft. Alessia Cara)
3. F*** Apologies. (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)
4. Fab. (Ft. Remy Ma)
5. Mad Love
6. Vibe
7. Honest
8. Like This
9. Edibles
10. High Heels
11. I Am

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