Tuesday 16 August 2016

New Video 'Prolly' Sevyn Street Feat Gucci Mane

Sevyn Streeter returns with her latest single 'Prolly' with Gucci Mane in the Mad Max post apocalyptic style music video. Sevyn delivers sass and exudes such a bomb ass rebellious nature in this hit anthem. 'Did I go too far tonight?/I don’t know. Prolly...' Not everytime dance choreography no? Not even needed this video is so bad ass I can't contain it, it fires me up. The mix of digital distortion, smoke and back yard biker scenes, a Moschino-clad Gucci Mane appears in a hologram-inspired cameo, and just wraps up the video perfectly,

'Though I’m definitely a fan of Mad Max, I honestly can’t take responsibility for this creative vision, I gotta hand it to my director Mike Ho! He turned the feeling and vibes I had while writing ‘Prolly’ into reality. I knew the song was unapologetic, raw, and edgy and he created a treatment/environment that brought it to life!' Love it.

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