Thursday 11 August 2016

Breezeboard Pro Review

I'm so in love with my board I could cry. My daughter and I both took our hoverboards out today the weather was beautiful once again luckily. I'm proud to say after learning how to ride my board in 20 minutes, I've been riding it everywhere and really love it. If your looking to buy a hoverboard as a gift for someone or for yourself, head over to they are definitely the best in the UK. My board is a smooth ride, sturdy, durable, affordable and can also be purchased on a buy now pay later plan with Klarna check out the website for more details. Your board comes with a bag, key fob, board armour to protect your board from scratches,  your charger, and manual.
The hoverboard also has built in Bluetooth speakers to play your music while you ride and it draws so much envy and attention I love it! Rolling to my gym listening to Chris Brown 'Loyal' on my board #Winning! Check out the videos on Twitter so far, I will be posting more over the weekend. If you have any questions in regards to purchasing your board for the first time, before you buy it, feel free to contact the really friendly and helpful Breezeboard team on 01925 909140
 Don't forget to download the app on your smartphone for exclusive app discount codes, unboxing, instruction clips, and celebrity YouTube videos. All Breezeboards are RoHS compliant, certified and safe, and use Samsung batteries. In most recent really exciting news, Breezeboard will be opening their very own store in September 2016 at the Chill Factory Trafford Centre in Manchester, and Breezeboard will also be launching customized apparel, hoodies and snapbacks! It just get's better.. They are literally the best in the UK with so many more plans and fun events coming soon, you definitely don't want to miss out!

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