Monday 1 February 2016

Amber Rose keeps it sexy in Giuseppi Zanotti

Amber Rose hit up at Lure Nightclub recently and for the night out she wore a House of CB black and white Michiyo dress with beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti black suede turquoise embellished sandals. Right now I'm upset with Amber for the comment made to Kanye West, amidst the Wiz Khalifa and Kanye beef. My loyalty is with Kanye because I feel like he put Amber on, and she became famous as the bad ass former stripper girlfriend of Kanye West, after that she blew up.
I hope everything can be squashed, apologies can be exchanged, and the beef can end once and for all. I did some much needed unfollow action on Twitter over the weekend, deleting over 700 people that I follow. I'm about keeping it to a minimum, to celebs and people I really love. Amber Rose got deleted, after much hesitation Only because I love Kanye more and feel that she didn't have to take it there, disrespecting Kim Kardashian in the process. I still have love for Amber, she's a betty, but keep it classy and watch from a distance mama, let the guys handle. Yo these Zanotti heels bad tho! Lol..

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