Sunday 3 January 2016

Thanks for the support! xo

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support I've received over the weekend, and over the past few days during the relaunch of my website. New years day was such a productive day for me, you may have noticed me changing a few things on my blog and repositioning promotional banners, I wanted to go for a new feel and look without changing it entirely. I designed my blog myself, some of you may already know I do web design html, css and javascript, so the whole idea was to create a blog that looks like no one else's.
A lot of fashion bloggers generically use the same template for their sites, I've stumbled across so many that look similar. I can't. I'm really about being unique. Please hit me up if you see a blog that looks like mine! Lol. You probably wont. (Boasts). But thank you for those of you who have subscribed again, and those who waited for me to return. I'm definitely going for it this year. My aim is to reach 2,000,000 million page views by the summer and if I do I will start doing competitions and giveaways for readers, followers and subscribers.
Thanks for subscribing. Love you! Mwah xoxo 

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