Sunday 24 January 2016

New Music 'B & H's' Jhene Aiko

I don't usually blog on weekends, especially Sunday's but uh, Jhené Aiko dropped a new track for the ladies, call it No Scrubs for 2016. B’s & H’s, ('Bitches and Hos') produced by The Fisticuffs. Aiko sings about that typical player kinda guy who is playing a whole bunch of chicks, getting one of them pregnant and not even realising how good he has it. All good things come to an end mu'fucca. Lol.
'It does not get better, you cannot do better / And you will regret it / Oh yeah, you gon’ fu*k around and find yourself by yourself. Just so you know, there is a difference between a woman, a bitch, and a ho..' she sings. Jhené fans don't worry she is currently working on another studio album which will act as the follow-up to her 2014 debut Souled Out. I adore her music.

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