Friday 8 January 2016

Angela Simmons gorgeous in LBD

Angela is clearly a betty. Did you guys get to watch the first episode of GrowingUpHipHop? If you did, what did you think of Dame Dash trying to school Angela on growing up in the streets, having to fight to make it, and the real meaning of a stressful life? I think it was a little harsh. There was no way Dame had to go at Angela like that. Leading urban media source Bossip tweeted 'Dame loves telling people what he thinks they are or who they are..smh.'  (Lol that's hilarious) I have to agree.
Take it for what it is Dame, Angela is a go getter regardless and Rev Run would certainly debate that with Dame, I wish Ang told her Pops. If your blessed enough to overcome a stressful life of poverty and crime, and work your way out of a deprived neighbourhood your very fortunate. But equally I think Rev Run has taught his children a lot about appreciating the lifestyle he has created for his family, and he always encourages them to work hard in order to value the struggle he had to go through, and sacrifices he had to make. 
All his children have their independent hustles. Will it come easy because of Rev's reputation? Of course, Do they have an advantage over others who did not come from a famous family? Most definitely. But Rev Run will make them understand, and fully appreciate the importance of hard work - Dame. It is still a choice, and Rev's kids can either choose to do something with their talents and run with it to make a name for themselves, or they cannot. Period. Rant over lol.
I've realised I haven't even spoke about Angela's glam photo. In a sentence with a few key words, (because I've typed way too much, lol) Angela, killin it on the streets of NYC, in a black velvet bodycon long sleeved dress, and classic black Louboutins. Slay girl.

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