Saturday 2 January 2016

50 Cent short film 'I'm the Man'

I couldn't help but think of Power when I heard about this short movie release today. 50 Cent starts 2016 with a mini film for the Sonny Digital-produced 'I’m the Man' from his latest mixtape, The Kanan Tape. On an early Saturday evening I'm watching a 10 minute film, thinking dam 50! I'm seeing 50 pull out of a parking lot in a white Phantom, come home to his stripper chick who workin wid a whole lotta a$$ and tatts, lol.

50 goes on to shoot up two niggas over that possible money, drug hustle, private jet and helicopter flights over the New York city skyline, and masked gun men on a rampage through an apartment. Let me not spoil it for you, go watch. Call it a music video, with that a cinematic mini movie to finish, approach. It is definitely of the right calibre to expand into a full length movie, or even series similar to that of Power. Intense characters, unexpected twists, drama, suspense, and all 'a that. Impressed 50. Do your thing.


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