Monday 6 July 2015

Kylie Jenner Fendi & Balenciaga

kylier jenner red dress and fendi sandals
Hope all my lovely readers had a great weekend. the weather was stunning. My daughter and I ate so much ice cream, and sung our lil' hearts out while we watched the 2015 BET Awards last night which was long overdue. Kicking off the week with the beautiful Kylie Jenner who was spied in Los Angeles wearing a gorgeous H&M red mini dress and Fendi sandals recently. She also carried a classic city Balenciaga bag. Flawless beauty. I'd love her to smile and come out of her shell more. I feel she's holding back a little, but I could be wrong what do you think? Tweet your responses..  
3 kylier jenner red dress and fendi sandals
Source: FashionBombDaily

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