Friday 10 July 2015

Album Download: Tyrese 'Black Rose'

Tyrese Gibson has come along way since we first saw him and fell in love with the Coca Cola kid, tall, dark handsome killer smile, talented, amazing body, totally winning. Tyrese is a great role model, an amazing actor and much more, everyone loves his Jody role in the 2002 movie 'BabyBoy' with an on screen chemistry so magnetic with Taraji P Henson as Yvette. Tyrese, aswell as being part of  singing trio TGT, has released an amazing album titled Black Rose. The album displays simply breath-taking vocals, and yup I've listened already I don't waste a minute! Favourites are 'Rest of Lives' featuring Brandy - so beautiful, and 'Prior to You,' with Tank. Expect greatness from a veteran in the industry and an all round decent, yet humble mature entertainer and performer, and at 36 years old now and a Father to his beautiful daughter Shayla, we can definitely say that Tyrese has done really well and set himself apart from the rest in his own right. We love him. #Proud.

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