Tuesday 16 June 2015

Jhene Aiko honours Tupac on his 44th Birthday

Jhene Aiko Recreates Tupac Greatest Hits Cover
The greatest rapper of all time would have celebrated his 44th birthday today on June 16th.
Tupac Shakur was definitely one of the most influential and prolific rappers of our time, and today Jhene Aiko paid homage to the rap star repping the Westcoast to the fullest by recreating some of his most memorable photos. Jhene also covered the emotional track 'Keep Ya Head Up.'
Jhene Aiko Remembers Tupac on His 44th Birthday By Recreating His Famous Images 2
Tupac All Eyez On Me
'I didn’t necessarily want the pictures to be exactly spot-on because I can’t channel Tupac. He’s so great to me that I don’t even compare myself to him, like I’m trying to be Tupac. That’s not what it is. It’s just that my love for him, I really wanted to do the pictures justice. There were moments, specifically on the All Eyez on Me picture, where I’m sitting on the chair and it was a really uncomfortable position for me because I’m so small. And I’m like, 'This picture is not going to look the same as his because I’m not the same body type.' I was nervous about looking too masculine, but then I was like, 'You know what? This is ’Pac, let me channel my confidence' because he had all that confidence. I wasn’t worried about what people were going to think, because it’s just a personal thing for me. I’m not doing it for people to be like, 'Oh, wow.' For me, it’s just about expressing my gratitude towards him and his legacy.
On being a Tupac fan and appreciating him when she became a teenager:
'I didn’t form a personal love for him until I was a teenager and I saw “Resurrection” [in 2003] and living in L.A. they play Tupac still like he’s a new artist on certain stations. So I grew up listening to him and loving the music. I always liked the way he looked, I always had a crush on him — that started in elementary school. When I saw “Resurrection,” I was so inspired. I was young at the time and obviously the people that were older, that got to witness Tupac in his prime, they were already — I was late. I was a kid just discovering something at the right time when I could fully understand what he was all about.'
Dope job Jhene we love it, we love him and we love you!

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