Monday 29 June 2015

Brandy super cute in NYC

Brandy Norwood at the Anaheim Orange County Visitor Convention Bureau Debut in NY
Brandy was spotted rocking a cute 'fro in  New York City for the 'Anaheim Orange County Visitor Convention Bureau Debut this weekend.' At present Brandy is starring in Broadway, and plays Roxie Hart in Chicago. Her role has been extended for another 2 weeks with an original end date of June 21st. Brandy also talks about how she fought depression prior to landing the highly successful role..
'People would never guess the dark space that I was in about a year ago and how long I was sad and depressed. Long story short: I cried out for help and the decision followed to be the best version of myself. I then did the work spiritually, mentally and physically and saw my old life disappear. ‘Chicago’ presented itself to me and I then stepped into my dream… Now, I’m dreaming again and I believe that any and everything is possible. It took a while for me to get to this place, but I’m here now and I’m never going to stop believing ever again!' 
Source: Necole Bitchie 

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