Monday 20 April 2015

Kelly Brook in New York City

Oh hey Kelly! Ms Brooke was spotted in New York City recently, she is currently living in the US working on a new TV show, and it also seems as though she has found herself a new man. Check out the link below for more pictures and details on that. My cousin has known for such a long time that I've been planning on stealing Kelly's ex fianc√© forever.
They got back together, and broke up like a million times. Omg.. but dam. He is really something. He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago, and if I had to tell you who won the show that year, I wouldn't have a clue, I was just gawping at David! No seriously, major eye candy. I don't know if he's quite ready to settle down or if he has what it takes to be that romantic faithful gentleman type for now, I reckon I could tame him. Lol.
Source: Daily Mail | My Husband:

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