Tuesday 28 April 2015

Is Amber Rose dating Machine Gun Kelly?

Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly
Earlier today Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly looked super close and friendly out and about together recently, despite Amber making Wiz Khalifa, her ex husband her #MCM just a few weeks ago. Amber and MGK were spotted at the airport at baggage reclaim together, is Kelly trying to reclaim Ambers heart tho? You see what I did there? Slick. Lol. I like them as a couple. Wiz will be trippin lol.
Amber's ex husband Wiz has a lot in common with Kelly believe it or not, they both have major sleeve tattoos, and both smoke week, they collaborated together on a song as well titled, 'Mind of A Stoner,' back in 2013 from Machine Gun Kelly’s mixtape. Kelly also has a daughter named Casie.
Let's watch this space, Amber will appear in the new movie 'Sister Code,' in theatres next Friday.
Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly 2
Source: NecoleBitchie

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