Thursday 12 March 2015

My Omarion Interview

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What a great start to the week, I had the opportunity to interview someone I love as an artist on Tuesday. Omarion. As a qualified journalist, I cast my mind back to when I first graduated with my Masters in International Journalism back in 2007. Several years later, I can say I made it..
'On a hazy sunny spring afternoon at Kensington’s busiest record label headquarters, Maybach Music artist Omarion strummed on his guitar and mingled with press and film crew, whilst effortlessly answering an afternoon’s worth of questions for interview sessions during his official press day..'
'Prior to his highly anticipated show at Koko London this Monday we now see a mature, humble chilled young man now in his 30’s who was once a member of the hit US group B2K when he was in his early teens. Omarion is thrilled to be in London, with his gorgeous long term girlfriend and co-star of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Ms Apryl Jones. Their simply adorable 7 month old son Megaa, also joins the couple overseas for the first time, on an new exciting adventurous journey with his parents..'

[Photo taken by myself during the interview]
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