Friday 27 February 2015

J Lo & Rihanna New Singles: Home Soundtrack 'Towards The Light' & 'Feel The Light'

 Rihanna will soon be releasing her 8th studio album R8 which I'm crazy excited about I adore her as you know, in the meantime she has released a beautiful track titled 'Towards the Sun' from the soundtrack to DreamWorks Animation’s HOME.She is also the voice of the character Tip in the animated film, which is out in cinemas March 27. 
Jennifer Lopez also lends her beautiful vocals to the DreamWorks Animation’s HOME, in the uplifting and tender ballad 'Feel the Light,' which also appears on the soundtrack. J.Lo is the voice to Tip's mother of Tip (Rihanna) in the animated film, which I'm sure I'll take my daughter to see once the UK release arrives. Looks great.
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