Tuesday, 13 January 2015

NBA Drama! Brookyln Nets Kevin Garnett tries to headbutt Houston Rockets Dwight Howard

What in the world?! Hey earlier this morning I was so happy about #NBALondon2015 did y'all see my tweets? Now I'm just scared. Recently Brookyln Nets forward and center player Kevin Garnett and Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard got into it. I personally think Garnett is jeal of Dwight, my future husband! Lol. Teammates, coaches, and NBA officials, plus security all stepped in immediately to break it up before it lead somewhere. Omg. Howard was given one technical and continued playing because he was clearly provoked and Garnett left the game with two technical fouls. Ahh make up y'all. Don't be tryna headbutt my baby again! Smh.

Source: 24 Urban.com
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