Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jenna Shea tries to diss Soulja Boy's girlfriend Nia Riley

I used to think Jenna Shea was kool, and always thought dam I'd love to have a body like that, but now I'm highly upset. Because I adore Nia Riley. Jenna was recently all over the net after reaching out to Nicki Minaj to tell her that Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill tried to sleep with her! She's up to her usual shit again, after she tagged Soulja Boy's (take note Jenna) long term-current-probably-will-marry girlfriend, Nia Riley who has been with Soulja for many years. She's brave because we all can clearly see that Nia is the one who has Soulja's heart, and any other chick that pops up on the scene is without a doubt just a temporary side thot.
Jenna Shea Disrespects Nia Riley on Twitter
Soulja belong to Nia and vice versa no one is breaking their bond anytime soon. Nia is his weakness.  Back to Jenna's attention seeking antics she basically posted her usual on all fours ass shot captioning, 'Tell our man I said goodnight @NiaNRiley night baby @souljaboy.' Nia, as classy as she is calmly responded. 'Pick another n!gga to miss. Honey.' Jenna is starting to look a little hungry now. That's embarrassing. I find het to be fame hungry and it's all starting to look a little desparate. She's happily hitting up highly popular female celebs with hoeish actions like they are supposed to somehow take you seriously?! *Covering eyes emoji.* Lol. Nah.. I can't.
Jenna Shea Disrespects Nia Riley on Twitter
(Take note of the body language in both pics.) The pic above with Nia and Soulja ride or die, together forever, till the end. Soulja has his arm around his woman. Nia's next to her man, effortlessly classy and fully in control. Now the second photo with Jenna. Watch how she throws herself on him for a photo op, while he smokes a blunt. Jenna appears staged unnatural, and uh, yea.. unimportant. Girl bye.
Source: 24Urban.com 
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